Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers

The third book in His Fair Assassin trilogy is just as exciting and unique as the first two (Grave Mercy and Dark Triumph).  Each of these novels tell a complete and compelling story about one of three girls who share the distinction of being handmaidens of Death.  Annith, Sybella, and Ismae all serve Mortain the god of death one of the sacred nine gods.  With their skills as trained spies and assassins, these beautiful women are deadly.

In Mortal Heart, Annith, has been raised in the convent of Mortain to serve him and has excelled at all the skills that can be taught.  Alas, she lacks the gifts that many of the other girls that serve at the convent have and so she is without an assignment after her friends have left to serve in the world outside.

Annith feels that the abbess does not want to send her out and cannot fathom why.  When the dark secret is finally revealed will it shatter her world or set her on her own path?  You don’t have to read the entire series for it to make sense, however, it does enhance your reading if you have.

Reading drafts for a writing contest

Greetings, true believers!  I’ve been busily reading the drafts that I agreed to judge and luckily all of the authors are unknown to me…I have not yet been thrilled by the writing.  The first draft I read, did have some interesting ideas in the plot, but the story seemed…clunky and incomplete and the start of this next draft isn’t holding much promise (I’m on chapter three).  I want to like these stories, really I want to.


Baseball Pals by Matt Christopher

This junior level sports story has a good central conflict – both the main character and his best friend want to pitch on the summer baseball team and it comes to a satisfying conclusion / resolution wherein the protagonist realizes that the team would benefit with his friend pitching and with him playing first base.

The author uses easy straight forward language although some of the dialogue and situations are slightly dated.  This is a sweet and easy story for young sport lovers.

force out

Force Out by Tim Green

The main character, Joey, is a shining example of a ‘good’ twelve year old boy.  He studies hard, plays baseball with his best friend, Zach, has a crush on Leah, a classmate, and even makes time to play with his baby brother sometimes.  Despite all of his good qualities, Joey is overshadowed throughout the book by a desperate deed he and Zach pull off in the first few chapters.

I’m reading several different authors in the sports genre.  This book had many sports references that I had to look up but that didn’t stop the flow of the story.  I am happy to expand my reading.

Comic geeks needed!

Hi all,

I have been asked to present two panels at Denver Comic Con.  I already have the basic outline put together, but if you have information or ideas, please leave a comment!

The first panel is going to be a type of competition between some members of the Justice League and some members of the Avengers.  The categories they will compete in are:



Reading (for information and pleasure)


Art (knowledge and ability)


I will be pitting Batman against Iron man.

Hope to hear from you!